SOAR TSD Training: 25 & 27 Apr

1200x500-Dan_Training1This week we continue to focus on review for the upcoming test on 4 May. As I said last week, the written test will be administered in 2 May; REMEMBER to bring your essays with you to class (average 300 words).  The primary focus on Tuesdays will be on Ho Sin Sul; Thursday will be weapons forms and anything else you wish to review.

Belt Test

Breaking RequirementsThe following students are testing for their next certification. Wish them all the best performance.

  • Mr. Devin Gannon testing
    for Cho Dan Bo INVOICE
  • Mrs. Stephanie Gannon
    for Green Belt INVOICE
  • Mr. Kirill Yemelyantsev
    for Green Belt INVOICE

Tournament Registration

For the tournament on 24 June, Soar TSD will have four participants. Tournament registration fee is 30€.IDM_Kranz.png
Mr. Andrew Calvert (D2):
– Weapons (Dan Gum Hyung),
– Forms (Jin Do),
– Sparring

Mr. Devin Gannon (CDB): INVOICE
– Weapons (Bong Hyung E Bu),
– Forms (Sip Soo),
– Sparring

Mrs. Stephanie Gannon (G6): INVOICE
– Weapons (Bong Hyung Il Bu),
– Forms (Pyung Ahn Cho Dan)

Mr. Kirill Yemelyantsev (G6): INVOICE
– Weapons (Bong Hyung Il Bu),
– Forms (Pyung Ahn Cho Dan),
– Sparring

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