Training, Soo Ki

Our hand techniques (Soo Ki) grow out of the practice of our forms (Hyungs). Hand techniques are fast and agile, but to have the greatest effect, you need to move to the most advantageous angle of attack in relation to your opponent. As you work your hand techniques and your Soo Ki one-steps, move your feet and your body to the best angle. Try different angles to see what you discover. Make some of those angles difficult just to stretch you.

In addition to the above, I would like you to work on your sparring focus drill. You’ll find the steps in the button link to this week’s workout sheet. Shadow box each series by rank (try them all). Work both sides of the series as the attacker and the defender. Imagine your opponent in front of you. If this doesn’t make sense, here is a link to the a full description of the series. Send your questions in the comments below.

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