The SOAR Challenge, April

SOAR’s Monthly Challenge. The goal is to do each exercise every day for the whole month. It will become difficult as you get busy, but let us know how you are doing. Let’s encourage each other in the comments below.

Instructions: You may break up each exercise into manageable chunks. You may spread them out throughout the day. But, extra credit goes to those who do all three in one go (every day). So, here is April’s challenge.

Beginner: 20 Reps Each

Advanced: 30 Reps Each

  • Burpees
  • Push-ups or Hand Release Push-up
  • Air Squats
Hand Release Push-Up
Air Squat
April 2020

15 Comments on “The SOAR Challenge, April

  1. 2 Apr: Done. Three sets of 10. Come on y’all! Bring it! SOAR! A little is more than none.

  2. 3 Apr done. One set of 25 and a second set of 5. I hope by next week, I’ll have all 30 in one go.

  3. 4 Apr Complete: Two sets of 15. A little harder today because I completed the challenge immediately after the day’s regular workout.

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  5. 6 Apr: Completed as a cash-out with the workout. I for got to log it in yesterday. I did take Sunday off as a rest day.

  6. 8 Apr, Complete. Although with today’s workout, Deathwish by DAREBEE, I technically did 142 burpees today.

  7. 11 Apr: Done. I missed 10 Apr. the day got away from and by the time I remembered, it was way too late. I’ll make it up. 🙂 Sunday is a long awaited rest day. Happy Easter!

  8. 13 Apr: Completed. Having Sunday off was a blessing. Let’s continue to hit hard this week. It’s not too late to jump in.

  9. 16 Apr: Complete with everything in one go. 1 to 30 on each exercise. I took my time so as to not get overly exerted, but I wanted to complete each before moving on to the next. In total, it took me 11m:25s.

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